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Rangiroa – Tiputa Pass

The most thrilling diving in the Tuamotu chain and the most famous dive of all is Tiputa Pass. You drop into the Big Blue and glide through the pass often through hundreds of sharks, Rangiroa-pass diving, at speeds up to about 4 knots. (Currents can be stronger, up to 8 knots, but some operators will not run the passes with guests at higher speeds.) Good control of buoyancy is key on these sometimes-bumpy rides. In waters as clear as Tahiti’s, paying attention to depth also is a requirement, particularly if you are diving nitrox, as most divers here are. Knowing how to use your computer and understanding what it is telling you are important, but so is a willingness to put up with a small amount of deco time, which passes pleasantly in relative shallows rife with reef fish of all kinds. You should be comfortable deploying your SMB at depth — you also should be comfortable with the presence of large predators, often in great numbers and on every dive.

When to go

The islands of Tahiti are a year round destination, but high season runs from May to October


Dive Conditions

The Tuamoto Islands are Tahiti’s best known dive islands- with the most favourable conditions April through November.  Water temperatures range from 79 degrees F in the winter to 84 in summer, a 2 or 3-mm full wetsuit is sufficient. Visibility ranges from 100 feet to much greater.

How to get there

Call us to arrange your tailor made trip were happy to help.

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